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Unraveling the Mystery of Hypnosis while keeping its ‘Magic' Alive!

4 Day Live Classroom Training and Workshop with Master Trainer Scott McFall. This is a small group in-person interactive workshop with personalized training, supervised practice and all the materials you will need to begin hypnotizing yourself and others.

All applicants must be screened before being accepted into the training. Enrollment is Limited. Qualified clients will be given priority on first come first serve basis to apply, call or email:

September 2 – 5, 2022
1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW,
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036




    Why are so many top performers using hypnosis to reach new levels of achievement and re-invent themselves?

    Why have so many fads for healing, personal development and transformation come and gone while hypnosis continues to thrive?

    How is hypnosis used in everyday life?

    JOIN US and find out for yourself in our upcoming class and become part
    of today’s hypnosis revolution!

    This is a beginning class for hypnosis practitioners and is intended for those who have not yet had formal training in hypnosis or those who have had training and want to strengthen their foundational skills.

    Introduction to Hypnosis Training Includes:

    Basic instructions for getting any willing participant into the hypnotic state
    How to create effective hypnotic suggestions
    How to speak the language of the subconscious mind
    Hypnosis scripts: How to work with a hypnosis script….and without one
    You will have supervised practice for each new skill during workshop break-outs.You will be given written materials for continuing home study and be eligible to join weekly conference calls for further development.
    And students who complete the course will be eligible for further advanced training leading to the high level skill set required to become certified hypnotists with the Master Hypnotist Society. Participants are also given discounts on select workshops and trainings with District Hypnosis.

    Here’s what you will learn:

    What is hypnosis and what are its best uses
    How to screen for good hypnosis candidatesHow to test for suggestibility
    Understand the ethics and values of the hypnosis profession
    How to prepare your client for hypnosis
    Discover how to recognize symptoms hypnosisLearn classic and rapid inductions to elicit robust hypnotic states
    When and how to use ‘deepeners’ during a hypnosis sessionLearn to use “convincers” for establishing client awareness of the hypnotic phenomenon
    How to assess and direct individual motivations and remove resistance
    How to structure compelling individualized suggestions
    How to establish post-hypnotic suggestions
    Discover how to recognize hypnosis in everyday life! (It’s everywhere.)
    How to utilize client response and environment for reaching desired outcomes
    Learn the basics of conversational hypnosisLearn to increase your effectiveness for irresistible rapportIdentify unseen motivators to gain leverage for reaching outcomes
    Learn the basics of conversational hypnosisLearn to increase your effectiveness for irresistible rapportIdentify unseen motivators to gain leverage for reaching outcomes
    After completing the course, those who are interested in professional certification will also be eligible for Advanced Training and mentorships…..and more


    Who else can benefit from Hypnosis Training?

    Sales Representatives


    Team Leaders
    and Managers

    Psychologists, Counselors and Therapists

    Nurses, Physicians
    and Chiropractors

    Physical Therapists

    Sports Coaches and Personal Trainers

    Life Coaches and Executive Coaches

    Instructors, Public Speakers, Actors
    and Performers

    Lawyers who want a stronger impact in contract negotiations
    or jury trials

    ...And anyone who wants to live an extraordinary life - and make a difference in the lives of others!

    What are some of the reasons
    people want to learn hypnosis?

    To consider a career change

    To help others overcome obstacles and achieve

    To add impact to current skill set

    To have greater influence in their personal and professional lives

    To strengthen the flexibility of their mind and achieve results with ‘effortless effort’

    To enhance the creativity in self and others

    To get clarity in situations and times of chaos

    To achieve greater insight into others and develop precision communication skills for better relationships

    About Your Instructor:

    Scott McFall

    Scott McFall is a graduate of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Irvine California and possess their highest level degrees.

    Scott has been a consultant to fortune 500 companies and been instrumental in opening over 30 successful hypnosis practices. In his decades of professional life as a master hypnotist, corporate trainer, mentalist, magician performer and business consultant, Scott had acquired a unique skill set that had given him rare access to the rapid mind hacks most coveted by the business leaders and expert influencers who set the pace for high level human performance. He has received accolades for his success in developing trainers, consultants and business owners throughout the United States and Canada.

    Scott was nominated to the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame in 1998 and recognized by the publisher of the “Hypnosis Business Journal” in 1996 as “the number one hypnosis trainer in the world today.” He is the founder of McFall Publishing and The Master Hypnotist Society and producer and voice of the exclusive hypnosis series of recordings, Mind Magic. His methods have proven to be so effective that demand for his instruction has evolved his practice a highly sought after “the trainer to the hypnosis trainers.” This is a rare opportunity to learn the foundations of hypnosis directly from Scott McFall and take the reins of the natural control systems of the mind and it is now available to a limited number of participants.

    Scott has Clinical Certification and Master of Demonstrational Hypnosis from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the largest hypnosis certification organization in the world, and was certified by the National Board of Hypnotists in 1993 and is registered and certified by the American Board of Hypnotists. He continues to create next level trainings that raise professional standards and bring living magic into the classroom.


    • “Amazing thing.  After my first session with Rita, I volunteered somewhere, doing a task, within a foot of a big box of assorted donuts….I had none….donuts are my weakness, any baked item is a temptation.  I lost 5 lbs. my first week and I’m still losing weight!  Thank you."
    • “Recently, I have been working with Rita to address my weight fluctuations.  Not only has the weight been dropping off, but to my delight this is happening rather effortlessly...  I crave things that are good for me and on the occasion that I eat something unhealthy that I used to crave in the past, it does not satisfy me in the same way.  The sessions are done in an environment where I feel unconditionally loved, completely safe,  and empowered.  There is no judgement and Rita meets me where I am on my individual journey each week.”
    • "I can attest that hypnosis is a process that creates maximum effect. A car accident left me with a phobia to cross bridges. Through hypnosis with Rita Leiphart, I can now drive without fear… even enjoy it! Without reservation, I have referred several clients for hypnosis; clients who want to lose weight, stop smoking and work through trauma. They have experienced similar results."
    • “Rita Leiphart is a very sensitive hypnotist with whom I have worked on various occasions in recent years.  After listening  carefully to me, she thoroughly explained what we were going to do and then very quickly got me into a hypnotic state.  While under hypnosis, I understood her clear instructions on pain relief, and was able to apply them later when no longer hypnotized.  I recommend her highly.”

    DISCLAIMER: Comments made by former clients, students, trainees and business associates are true, factual and documented. Hypnosis Connection (HC) which includes My Hypnosis at Home (MHAH), its officers and assigns do not imply, suggest or claim these comments represent a typical result. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, physical activity and individual commitment and motivation to achieve a desired result.Comments have been collected over a 25 year period.HC makes no claim or intent to represent comments and reviews as current. Each comment and or review is one persons opinion given at a specific time. Comments and reviews should only be considered in that context and not as example of current experience.