Before we can accept you as a client for hypnosis therapy in Washington, DC, you must first come in for a free screening.  You will get to know your hypnotist and have the opportunity ask all of your questions.  We will discuss your needs and evaluate your chances for success and how long it might take for you to reach your goal.

The screening lasts less than an hour and is fun and informative and by the end of your interview, we will give you a detailed and honest evaluation that lets you know whether hypnosis will be helpful for your specific situation.  If hypnosis will not work for you, we will let you know and give you a referral. We promise that by coming to this free screening, we will either come to an agreement and you will have taken your first step toward a better life, or at the very least, you will leave having had a good time and have gained a little more knowledge about hypnosis.

Free screening is by appointment only.

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