Lose Weight Program

Our hypnosis for weight loss program helps you to drop pounds naturally by changing your eating patterns.  No diets, no “do not eat” list, no special foods and no counting calories or carbs.  Shift your hunger cravings to the healthy, nutritious foods your body loves.  We help you to identify your fat causing behaviors, become aware of your body’s needs, change your habits and watch your body evolve into the lean machine it was meant to be!  To find out more, read about our weight loss program.

Quit Smoking Program

No matter how long you have been a smoker, you can quit!  Smoking is a mental habit, not a physical need!  Nicotine replacement therapies, pills, e-cigarettes, and chewing gum may give you another method to satisfy your craving for nicotine, but they do little to address the smoker’s lifestyle, emotional cravings or habitual responses. To successfully stop smoking, you need to lose the desire.  With hypnosis you can replace your daily smoking routine with healthier behaviors, neutralize the triggers and change your smoking responses so that you would prefer to do something else instead.  You can become the “comfortable non-smoker”that you were before you lit that first cigarette.  To learn more, read about our stop smoking program.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety Program

Most people know that prolonged stress wrecks havoc on your body and can even cause degeneration in some areas of the brain.  What may be surprising to know, is that short bursts of moderate stress are actually good for you!  But when stress occurs too frequently or remains for extended periods of time, it is devastating to your health, mental functioning, and performance.  Learn how to release stress and remain calm under pressure. We can help you to identify your emotional and environmental stressors and give you practical tools to manage them in every day situations.  You can remain calm, self-assured and in control, skillfully breezing through life’s ups and downs.  For further information, read about our reduce stress program.

Overcome Phobias

Do you live in dread that a phobia will reveal itself in an embarrassing situation?  Sure you know it’s irrational, but being confronted with your phobia (be it the fear of  spiders, snakes, elevators, flying, clowns, or commitment) sends bolts of panic racing down your spine!  Sure, you’ve made light of it, and maybe even a couple of people have teased you about it, but the fear is very real.  Maybe you have adjusted your life around it by taking long flights of stairs instead of elevators, staying our of the woods to avoid snakes and spiders or driving long distances to avoid flying, but isn’t it exhausting?  No one is born with a phobia.  You developed it through a series if experiences.  Hypnosis can help you to re-process memory driven fears and de-activate your phobic triggers.  Imagine yourself relaxing with a good book while flying or simply walking up to a spider and admiring his beautiful web.  Set yourself free with hypnosis, because life is too short to live in fear!

Drive Away Negativity

Do you have a crummy little voice in your head that distrusts anything new?  If someone is nice to you, do you look for an ulterior motive?  Do you see too many reasons why your efforts to get “unstuck”can’t work?Do you believe that you will fail, so why bother?  You are only as successful as your beliefs will allow.  Hypnosis  can help you to increase your perspective, use the greater resources of your mind and live a life of filled with hope, gratitude and real possibilities.

Manage Anger

Everyone gets angry.  It’s a normal emotion under certain circumstances.  But if you find yourself getting angry often, or intensely, then perhaps, (and please don’t  get upset and take this personally), you may need some help controlling yourself.  Anger is an expression of fear and fear limits your mental capacity to receive information.  Hypnosis can give you the insight and self-control you need to remain calm and resourceful even during confrontations.  (Unless you would rather risk making the “greatest speech you will ever regret”the next time you get upset.)  Let hypnosis help you process and express anger more effectively.  Don’t get tipped over when life takes an unexpected turn.  You can learn to be the one who stays cool and takes control of the situation even when others lose it.

Process Grief/Loss

A broken heart does mend.  Feeling overwhelming waves of sorrow is normal after a traumatic loss, but if the pain does not diminish with time, moving forward with your life may seem insurmountable.  Processing grief can feel torturous and confusing.  When grief clouds your mind, adjustment feels frightening and the path to recovery appears to be concealed.  You do have the courage to continue.  Let hypnosis soothe the ache in your heart, open your mind to a higher understanding and bring closure.  It is possible to accept, forgive, let go and live the full and happy life you deserve.

Freedom from the Past

Do old resentments intrude into your present?  Have you ever noticed that it is usually the negative memories that seem to always creep into your consciousness robbing you of the life you are living now?  Hypnosis can help you to release them.  Melt the clouds of old unresolved experiences and feel the true richness of your life.  The rest of your life is waiting for you!

Guilt and Forgiveness

Is there a wall of shame, guilt or resentment standing between you and your relationships?  Do you replay painful scenarios in your mind?  Do past experiences prevent you from trusting?  Let yourself and others off the hook!  The truth is, you are not really upset for the reason you think.  With hypnosis you can discover and release old stuck feelings and replace them with insight, understanding and emotional flow.   Forgive yourself and others and be free to love, trust and grow.

Public Speaking and Performance

Of all fears, surveys show public speaking to be number one on more people’s list than any other.  Even actors occasionally become frozen by stage fright.The ability to speak before groups of people is one of the most important career skills you can develop.  If you find yourself having difficulty voicing up at meetings or giving presentations, hypnosis can help you to remain calm and present.  By learning a few simple techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere, you can actually enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Sports Improvement

All sports are 10% physical and 90% mental training.  Give yourself the edge that world class athletes and trainers have used for decades!  Whether you are a pro or an amateur, in a slump or would like to shoot past that mental barrier between you and the next level, hypnosis can make the difference!  No matter what your favorite sport is – tennis, running, golf, soccer, or ……..Your athletic performance can take a dramatic surge into the zone! (See the article “Famous People Who Used Hypnosis” for some examples.)

Setting and Reaching Goals

Are you ready?  Get set!  Wait!…..What’s the plan?  Why do some people succeed almost effortlessly while others just crash and burn?  What is that extra something that sends them straight to their target?  Like the perfect golf shot, the difference is in their aim!  It only takes a small adjustment to set yourself on the right course.  You already have 90% of what you need.  Do you know what else you need?  Are there obstacles to remove?  Hypnosis can help you to define exactly what you want, identify what you need, help you to formulate a winning plan.

Gain Confidence

Do you unknowingly sabotage your success?  Are you resigned to believing that don’t have what it takes to get what you really want?  Do you begin by setting an expectation of failure?  Don’t let limiting beliefs become a “self fulfilling prophecy.”  You already have almost everything it takes to reach your dreams.  Hypnosis can illuminate strengths you never knew you had and help you to get the confidence you need to become your ideal self.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Nail biting, teeth grinding, skin picking, hair pulling, gum popping, and other little tics and habits make you appear nervous, weak or immature to others.  Annoying habits can also take a toll on your appearance and even your health!  Your attractiveness and even the advancement of your career can be affected by the negative image of these nervous habits.  Don’t let compulsive unconscious habits control you.  Hypnosis can help you to disengage the reflex and you can present a cool, calm, confident, in control image of yourself to the world!


Does your “to do list”keep getting longer and longer? Do you have a vision, but never get past the dreaming stage?  Do you keep saying, “..tomorrow…,”and then put it off again?  What bothers you most.  Is it all the little things that need done?  That house full of unfinished projects?  Or a big project you’re never quite ready to tackle?  Is it all piling up?  Do you live in chaos?  Are you followed by a nagging cloud of inadequacy?  You can shift yourself into a joyful state of productivity with just a few simple adjustments.  Hypnosis can give you the nudge you need to easily change your attitude from “I’ll do it later”to “Let’s get started!”  Do yourself a favor.  Take the first step to getting things done.  Call us now!…..Yes, now!

Control Pain

There’s no need to continue suffering from chronic pain.  The pain you feel is actually located in your brain, not your body.  It’s an alarm to let you know there is injury.  But after the fact, pain becomes unnecessary, and you can train your mind to turn it off and relieve the discomfort.  Hypnosis for pain management is so effective that it has been used for surgery!  Our Pain Management Program gives you all the tools you need to reduce your pain.  Take charge of your health without the dangers of pain killers.  Let mind and body work together!


Are you having trouble sleeping?  Hypnosis (named after the greek god of sleep, Hypnos) is your doorway to a good night’s rest.  Say goodbye to those restless nights of tossing and turning.  Wake up refreshed having slept soundly through the night.

Strengthen Your Relationships

The key to all good relationships is listening, understanding and compassion.  Hypnosis can help you to communicate better with your spouse, children, parents, friends – anyone!  Are you are having difficulty maintaining a positive connection with the special person in your life?  Do you keep struggling with the same issues time and again?  Discover new insights about yourself and your partner.  Reconnect authentically and deepen your commitment to the one who shares your life.  With insight and understanding, you can become a better friend and lover.

Relieve Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, then you have probably tried every drug or home remedy approach.  You’ve probably explored food allergies, vitamin cures, OTC pills and prescription medicines with minimal results.  Free from side effects, hypnosis is the natural approach that can help you to get Rid of the triggers that set off your migraines.  Debilitating migraines don’t have to be inevitable, you hold the key to your own healing.


Fibromyalgia, a real and misunderstood condition, has medical experts scratching their heads.  Painful and with no cure, sufferers sometimes find it difficult manage their daily routines.  Hypnosis is now recommended by the NIH as a treatment for chronic pain such ad fibromyalgia.  Combining one on one sessions with skills in self hypnosis, you can finally manage your condition and stop pain from dictating your day.

Develop Self Hypnosis Skills

You can learn self hypnosis!  With some instruction and regular practice, you can master the power skill of some of the world’s most influential people.  Unlock your talents, supercharge your productivity, learn at an accelerated rate and let your imagination propel you to the place of your dreams.  Self hypnosis skills can be applied in thousands of ways.  A better body?….Yours!  Career advancement?…..You’ll have the winning edge!  Confidence?…Self discipline?…Charisma?….. Yes!..Yes!..and Yes!.. Anything you put your heart and mind into, you can accomplish!  Unleash the power of your mind and see just how far you can go.

Boost Motivation

Do you give up before you get started?  Remove mental blocks and self doubt.  Enthusiasm and productivity are the cornerstones of success.  Get in the zone with hypnosis.  We can help you to craft your vision, create a plan of action, and take measurable steps to make it a reality.  Hypnosis can help you to identify your true desires and align yourself with your passion.

Increase Concentration and Focus

Are you easily distracted?  Do you constantly space out?  Do you sometimes have to re-read a page because you can’t remember it?  Do you lose track of your conversation?  Are you plagued by runaway thoughts?  It’s been said that “the mind is like a chattering drunken monkey falling from branch to branch.”  Quiet the cacophony of a cluttered mind and develop  razor focus with hypnosis.  You can shift your mind from a focal point to an expanded view and back again at will. Hypnosis gives you the mental muscle and flexibility to tame your thinking mind to pay attention.  Find your power in your own mind.  Master it with hypnosis.

Self Esteem

Do you believe that you don’t have what it takes to succeed?  Do you strive so hard for for perfection, but are never quite satisfied?  Do you berate yourself for mistakes?  Are you bothered by criticism?  Do you wonder why other get ahead, but not you?  What is it you think you lack?  Reach into your mind and clear the clutter of self doubt.  Explore a  different perspective.  You have capabilities that can bring you success and happiness.  It’s time to discover them and put them to good use!  Give your best to yourself –  and to the rest of the world.You are a unique individual – unlike anyone else who ever has lived.   Get to know the real you with hypnosis!  Learn to appreciate your power!  You have valuable gifts and it’s time to share them!

Optimal Health

The mind-body connection is recognized even in the most conservative circles of traditional western medicine.  Heal your mind, and the body will follow!  Hypnosis can help you to accelerate the healing process, regulate internal activities and adopt life promoting habits.  Hypnosis as a complementary therapy for surgical pre- and post op can help you to heal better, faster and with less pain.  You can connect to your energetic body and  even activate physical transformation on the cellular level!  Engaging the unconscious mind for balance and regeneration can help you to take control of your health and wellness.  Be proactive.  It’s your body!

Enhance Creativity

Are you in a rut?  Need some inspiration?  Expand your creative vision with hypnosis!  Many of the world’s greatest works were conceived in a hypnotic trance. Free yourself from the blocks between you and your ingenuity with hypnosis.  Your subconscious mind has a huge library of ideas just waiting for you to access it!  Sharpen your talents!   Explore, experiment and discover exciting alternatives.  Feel the thrill of your next epiphany and put the passion back into your work.

Corporate Programs

Successful businesses have a high-performance culture.  Employee enthusiasm and ingenuity are your greatest resources. Where can your team benefit from an increased perspective?  Increased sales and productivity?  Employee motivation and incentives?  Communications and team building?  Staff empowerment?  Time management?  Customer relations?  Employee health, safety and absenteeism?  Whatever your company’s needs may be, we can design a program specifically for your business.  Give your employees the tools to accomplish their best results yet!  Call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss the perfect solution for your business.