Are you stressed out?  Do you have trouble concentrating?  Do little things get to you?  Is tension causing you to perform below your optimum level?  Does thinking about  work prevent you from really enjoying your time with family and friends?  Have you been getting angry at those closest to you?   Do racing thoughts and worry keep you awake at night?  Feeling tired?  Frustrated?  Overwhelmed? Forgetful?  Moody?  Or nervous?  Have you been getting headaches, digestive problems muscle aches or chest pains?  Is life feeling unmanageable?

Stress is an insidious killer.  Statistics show that 80% of all doctor visits are stress related.  How much time and money do you think is ultimately spent on stress induced illnesses?  Could it possibly have catastrophic consequences in your life?  Wouldn’t it be worth it to reduce your stress overload? Modern life is fast-paced and unpredictable.  We can’t always remove the cause of our stress.  It isn’t practical.  And it doesn’t work, since another stressor will appear soon enough.  Fortunately, stress is not your outside circumstances, it’s your mental and physiological reaction to those circumstances.  Stress is not a condition.  Stress is a behavior and behaviors can be changed.

Hypnosis can help you learn how to alter how you think, feel and respond.  Or you can let stress rule your life.  You could become one of those people boasting, “Oh, I’m under so much stress!” (as if this were proof your importance.)   Or you can take control of your mind live a happy and productive life!  Hypnosis makes the difference! To learn more about the stress in your life read these articles: What Type of Stress Do You Have and What Causes Stress. Your life is uniquely yours, and your stress issues are, too.  We will design a stress program that addresses the challenges in your life.  Call us for a free screening at (202) 853-8400.Let’s get your stress relief hypnosis program started in Washington, DC.