Have you been waiting for the right time to stop smoking?  Then there is some good news for you.  If you stop smoking right now, the damage smoking has done to your body will begin to heal within minutes!  Are you afraid that quitting right now may be too stressful with so much going on in your life?  When is there not?  If you are really ready to quit smoking, we can make it easy.

At District Hypnosis, we recognize that you have already been hypnotized – into becoming a smoker.  Your smoking habit is a subconscious behavior rooted in the erroneous belief that smoking brings pleasure.  Nicotine is a stimulant, yet you think it’s relaxing.  (The truth is, the cigarette does not help relieve stress, it only relieves the stress caused by the nicotine craving.)  You’ve been convinced that quitting has to be a miserable ordeal with suffering, agitation, overwhelming cravings and emotional turmoil.  It doesn’t have to be.  We will work with you to change these perceptions and prove it through your own success!  Just as the power of your own mind programmed you into becoming a smoker, it has the power to re-boot your mindset back to non-smoker.

Do you remember your first cigarette?  Did it really taste good?  Seriously.  Did you really relax as you felt it fill up your lungs?  Or were you just trying not to choke on it?  And what about now?  Do you ever smoke because you “need” a cigarette?  Do you really think of yourself as an “addict”?

This what makes our program different.  We don’t just wean you from nicotine to the questionable status of ex-smoker – alway thinking like a smoker and susceptible to a relapse.  Our approach is to “de-hypnotize” your mind so you can become the comfortable non-smoker you started out to be!  Your natural self.  Free from nicotine dependence!  Your desire for a smoke vanished!  You lay back in a comfortable recliner, relax your mind, take back control and emerge as a liberated clear-headed non-smoker!
Our Stop Smoking programs are custom designed and include the following:
  •  Private one-on-one hypnosis sessions
  • Hand-outs with tips and information to help you stay on track.
  • Hypnosis CD’s to take home and use between sessions for reinforcement
  • Our “Stay With You” Commitment*
Whether this is your first time trying to quit, or even if you have tried to quit before, (the average smoker tries to quit 7 to 9 times in their life) you will become a non-smoker if you follow our program.  Our hypnosis programs are private and individualized according to your specific needs.  Unlike group hypnosis that only gives generic suggestions to stop smoking, we address your personal smoking issues, habits and unconscious behaviors to clear away the triggers that have you reaching for a cigarette.  Substituting positive responses, the reflex to smoke disappears.  Changing your beliefs about cigarettes, they become unattractive and giving suggestions to keep you from “trying your first cigarette” helps you remain a non-smoker for life.  For less than half of what you would spend on your cigarettes you can became a non-smoker!   And with the money you save, you can wave goodbye to them as you breath fresh air on the smoke-free vacation of your dreams!
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Programs
For more information on the success rates for hypnosis to stop smoking, read Why Choose Hypnosis to Stop Smoking.

In order to determine if hypnosis would help with your specific situation, you must attend a Free Screening before you can be accepted into one of our Stop Smoking Programs.

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