Our weight loss programs have helped thousands to successfully lose weight – many of whom had previously failed on diets over and over again!

Because hunger and starvation tactics only lead to weight loss failure, we did extensive research on the best ways to lose weight by finding a healthy weight loss program that was simple to keep and had no harsh deprivation rules. We discovered that hypnosis for weight loss is a viable solution for many in need of changing their eating and exercise habits. We believe that changing your mind with weight loss hypnotherapy by letting go of old destructive impulses and replacing them with enjoyable healthy habits will get you in shape and keep you there for good.

The truth is that the many complex weight loss programs that do not address your emotional, logistic, and lifestyle challenges will eventually become too strenuous to maintain. We help you to change the way you feel about food and discover convenient ways to integrate healthy eating and exercise into your life for natural weight loss. Through our weight loss hypnotherapists in Washington, DC, you can begin establishing new healthy habits and, with a change in your thinking, they will soon become automatic. We work with you to initiate a weight loss program that honors your preferences and your whole life situation. You get to keep the fun and still lose the weight!

Hypno-Weight Loss Programs

What Our Weight Loss Programs Have to Offer

These are custom programs designed for your individual needs, lifestyle, and budget. We offer hypnosis programs for weight loss for both men and women. Because we believe that we have the best weight loss help that there is, all of our programs come with our “Stay With You” Commitment: We will continue to provide you with one free session per month with a weight loss coach until you meet your goal! Additionally, we will put this in writing, because we believe that your life depends on you staying fit and healthy! Our weight loss hypnosis programs are designed to ensure healthy weight management for life. The goal is to make real, life-long changes that will help you with the weight loss process so that you can reach your goal weight.

We also have Hypno-Weight Loss Programs that fit every budget, and every one comes with our “Stay-With-You” Commitment.

Our Hypno-Thin-For-LifeProgram Includes

  • Free Evaluation
  • Private Hypnosis Sessions with Audio Support
  • Hypnosis CDs for Take Home Reinforcement
  • Weight Loss Affirmation CDs to Play Anytime
  • Written Resource Materials
  • A Do-Over for Any Session If You’re Not 100% Satisfied
  • Our “Stay-With-You” Commitment

But that’s not all! Our “Better with a BuddySpecial lets you invite a friend to join you with substantial savings! Enlist someone special to get healthy alongside you, and we’ll give you the special price of buy one get one for 50% off when you both make the commitment to lose weight and get fit together (And yes, you can split the savings between you)!

Hypno-Weight Loss Programs

Before you begin one of our weight loss programs, however, you must come to our office for a free screening so we can evaluate your eligibility. Your commitment and ability to follow directions help us to determine whether you are willing to be successful. If we agree to take you as a client, we will then discuss your options to find the program most suitable for you.

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*These statements are not intended to help diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. If you are experiencing any health issues, please consult with your physician first. Your results may vary. Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority at District Hypnosis.