July 8, 2014
Chronic Stress

What Type of Stress Do You Have?

Stress is a mental and physical phenomenon. In all cases, the physical responses are identical. The triggering of the “fight or flight response” is at the root of all types of stress. But the experiences of stress are quite different. While occasional bursts of acute stress may be inconsequential, frequent episodes of acute stress, or episodic stress, can be as damaging as chronic stress.
July 8, 2014

You have your reasons

Do you remember the enticing images of the smoker that first caught your intrigue? The “smooth character” Old Joe Camel with his subliminal sexuality and hipster appeal. The rugged, independent Marlboro Man. The movies, music videos and pop culture icons defiantly flaunting a cigarette. Can you remember the subtle peer pressure tugging at your desire to be a member of the group: “Hey, why don’t you join us for a smoke?”